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Social Media in My Life? Or My Life in Social Media.

Social media plays a large roll in most of our lives. Now more than ever, at least.

I’m sure that there are plenty of different views out there in regards to social media, but in my opinion, it’s a great thing.

Sure, there are many ways that social media can be nonbeneficial and, at times, destructive even but, social media will always be what you make of it.

For me, social media is an outlet. I can be myself, share my creativity, think outside the box, and spread love- all at the same time.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that there are never times that I have felt down or discouraged because of something I saw on social media. Whether it be a negative comment or post from someone or it be the comparisons I make between my own life and the lives of those whom I look up to. That’s where social media can become the most troubling, for me. But, I have learned to look passed that and talk myself out of those negative thoughts. Yes, those people may be living seemingly great and beautiful lives- but so am I! We tend to only share the GOOD so why am I comparing my not-so-good to their close-to-perfect.

Social media is about sharing who we are with the world in a way that makes us feel good. So of course, it is nice to show our followers the real and occasionally dark and dirty sides of ourselves, but the majority of our posts will be the happier and prettier sides of things. And that is a good thing, we just have to remind ourselves that others are doing the same! Like a preset filters our pictures, social media filters our lives!

My outlet has become something that means so much to me. I love being able to hop on and see love and support from those who love me, and ignore the negative thoughts that tend to course through my brain on their own.

I do it for me, but the idea of helping people feel a little better about themselves, or to help someone find affordable and adorable fashion items, to share a prayer, a motivating quote, or a spark of inspiration makes it feel that much more meaningful.

Social media was made to bring us together, and it will when we let it. Social media has changed my life in the best way. I have met great friends, I have gained so much confidence, and I have gained my voice.

Instagram is my main social media outlet that I use every day. I also use Pinterest and Twitter


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