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Saving the Earth 2020

What a huge statement. Seriously, what does saving the earth entail? Well, I am no expert but I believe it would help if everyone cared just a little bit more- and to do that, knowledge is key!

First, I want to talk about the role that Mother Earth has played in my life. When I think of the earth, my first thoughts go straight to the ocean- of course, I love all things fresh air and earthy, but I am a true ocean lover at heart. Ever since I was a little girl, the beach and the salty, ocean water has been my healer. Family day trips to our favorite beach was always the weekend activity to relieve the stress of my parents work week and a special treat for my sister and me. If I ever had a scrape or scratch, my mom always told me "the salt water will make it feel better", the ocean was always a physical healer. As I get older, the beach is my safe haven. If I am feeling sad, stressed, angry, happy, in love, excited- the ocean is where I want to be. It heals my pain and it accentuates my happiness. The ocean, for me, is earth's gift of life, health, and happiness. I have always been so amazed by what must lay beneath the surface that we have yet to discover, and the beautiful lives that we do have knowledge of and have the blessing of getting to experience.

But then, I remember all of the horrible damage we have done to it. The amount of garbage found on land and in the ocean is heartbreaking but real. It's a little too easy to ignore the ugliness when the beauty of it all is still in sight. But what happens when the beauty is taken over? Scary to think about, huh?

Now, I'm not perfect person, my carbon footprint is probably as big as the next person, I don't know everything about saving the earth and I definitely don't make as big of an effort as I should. But, my point is, if we all took responsibility for ourselves and passed that on to the people we know, if we all did our part, the world would be a better place. True, we could say that about literally any issue in the world... but it's a good start.

I know a lot of this seems like common sense, but sometimes you don’t need to learn something new to make a difference, but be reminded of what’s important and how easily we can make a difference.

So, here are my tips.

• Throw your trash AWAY!

• If you see trash... pick it up! Wash your hands after, of course, but cleaning up after other people can make a huge difference and could inspire others to start doing the same.

• Reusable water bottles! I personally have been using my 36oz hydroflask for so long now and it has changed my life! I drink so much more water when I use it and I have zero guilt because I know I'm lessening my plastic output. Cheaper reusable water bottles that can be found anywhere, but I suggest looking at Walmart, Target, or Amazon.

• Research sustainable brands and replace them with some of the items on your shopping list. My personal favorite is Born From A Wave. BFAW has the objective of cleaning up the ocean with one bikini at a time. Each suit is made from recycled plastic from the ocean, and they are super cute! This is a brand that I stand by, proudly. If you are interested in supporting this incredible business, here is a code to help you save some money while shopping: ALEXAGROAT

and here is a blog post by my friend Dylan that can explain a little more about why BFAW is such an important brand. 5 Ways Your (non-bfaw) Bikini is Killing the Environment.

• Lastly, speak up for what you believe in. You never know who is listening and who might be inspired by your words and your actions.

Change starts with you. Do your part. Share your knowledge. Don't give up!

The world is an enormous place, but your part can be just as big.

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