• Alexa Groat

On Living in the Present

Updated: Mar 3

We always talk about the big moments. The huge, earth-shattering, eye-opening, life-changing moments. We spend our whole lives waiting for them. Turning 16, turning 18, turning 21, graduating high school, graduating college, getting your first big-girl job, getting engaged, getting married, having a baby, traveling to another country, seeing a beautiful animal in the wild, taking that hike and seeing the most beautiful view you could ever imagine- the list goes on and on but I think you get the point. All of those moments are amazing and wonderful and most definitely unforgettable. But, our lives are made up of billions of tiny, forgettable moments too. Recognizing the little things as they come, really soaking up their beauty in the moment can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Relishing in the little moments is really living your life to the absolute fullest. To be completely honest, some of the small things end up being the sweetest and most meaningful memories, so cherishing them in the moment can make them so much more special. This is all about living in the present. The small ones are some of my very favorite kind of moments. Here is a list that I have curated (it may have made me a little teary-eyed as I typed it, but that’s the point, right?) Sunsets (to be more specific, sitting in your favorite place, watching the skies beauty unfold) •Sunrises (waking up to the light through your bedroom window, driving to work and seeing the pretty colors in front of you, laying on the beach in the chilly air and watching the sun peak out from the skyline.) •Laughing so hard you think you might pee your pants (you’re sitting on the floor with your friends and it’s 2am) •Getting into a heated car when it’s cool out with someone you love (like running to the car cause it’s cold and turning the heat on and you guys are like rubbing your hands together and warming up) •Smiling out the window when you’re in the car with someone you love (music is playing, the scenery is pretty and you’re just so happy that your face can’t hide it) •First kisses (new, exciting, highly anticipated) •Second kisses (the first kiss was so good, you’ve been longing for more) •Waking up next to someone you love (looking over and feeling safe and loved in the arms of someone who loves you back) •When you’re in bed with someone you love and they have to get up early but you stay in bed all warm and they kiss you before they leave (something about seeing the person you love getting ready for work or something important while you get to cozy up in bed and enjoy the view is so beautiful.) •Meeting someone you’ve really missed at the airport (waiting to pick them up after you’ve missed them so much & they run and give you the tightest, warmest hug) •Friends curling your hair (you’re sitting on the floor in front of a mirror and your friend is curling your hair for something special, so sweet and innocent) •Hearing your mom giggle (whether she is laughing at herself or a something else, there is something so warm and special about the sound of your moms laugh) •Facetiming a friend after a while of not catching up (fast words, lots of laughs, too many stories to count, and suddenly it’s been an hour) •Eating your favorite meal (I mean, come on. Is anything more exciting?!) •Natural sunlight (lying in bed and enjoying the light through the window, stepping outside and feeling the warm glow on your skin) •A smell that reminds you of your favorite person or memory (a little whiff and happy memories come flooding in) •A room full of people you love (looking around at smiling faces and feeling so, so full) •Getting emotional because you can’t believe this is your life and you get to experience it with the people who matter most to you (me right now. The feeling that comes from appreciating EVEYRHTING, big and small.) •Realizing how far you have come (seeing your growth, being proud of your progress, celebrating your accomplishments) These are moments that make me feel really small, but also huge at the same time. They send a rush of emotions, they make me feel like I am forever. As you read my list, I hope you thought of some special moments of experiencing these things. I also hope that you were able to add to it on your own. I believe that recognizing and appreciating these kind of moments are what leads us to the most fulfilled and happy life.

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