• Alexa Groat

Manifesting The Sh!t Out of 2021

Updated: Mar 3

Every new year we expect change. We expect change in ourselves, our lives, the people around us, big or small. As we should. But, I am going to be completely honest… a lot of us expect so much change right in the beginning of the year and let it slowly dwindle away until we forget or don’t care anymore. This year, though… this year is different. It has to be.

Last year was a glimpse into hell, to put it lightly. It was HARD. But it was full of growth. We all grew in some way or another and for most of us, it was the biggest character development of our lives thus far. So, with that being said, this year, 2021, truly is the year for CHANGE. We need it, we deserve it and I think we finally understand how to achieve it.

You hear a lot about “manifesting.” You hear it all the time. It may be exhausting to even hear because of how much it's discussed today. So, does it even work? I think the problem and misunderstanding that surrounds manifestation is that many people throw the word around without really knowing what it entails, which leads to some people thinking it’s just a silly term or even a scam. Let me explain manifestation from my point of view.

I am very spiritual, in a lot of ways. I feel things in the deepest part of my soul and that is how I know that certain things that I believe are my truth. That is how I am so confident in the things that I believe. I do believe in the power of manifestation but I feel like we need to dive deep into what that means and how to do it so that we can all experience its benefits.

I’ll start by saying this: The way you think does control your outcomes in life. Maybe you’ve noticed this, maybe you haven’t, but if you are constantly thinking negative thoughts, the negatives are more likely to present themselves in your life. Your thoughts are so powerful. And for me, as a biiiig over thinker, this is really hard to come to terms with. Negative, anxious thoughts are inevitable, and they aren’t the end of the world. But, it is important to learn how to redirect your thoughts. See the positive, speak the positive and let the positive play out into your life. And you know what, as I’m typing this, I’m thinking “Well, maybe it’s not our thoughts that control our outcomes, but they control the way we react to the outcomes.” But I know one thing for sure: positive thinking may not always prevent bad things from happening to you but they will leave you more equipped to handle the struggles as they come.

So are you ready to do some manifesting?

Where do we start?

I like to set the mood a little. I will dim my lights, open the blinds (or if it’s dark, turn on a lamp), light my favorite candles (it is best to light a white candle and then one that represents the thing you are longing to manifest- e.g. I light a white candle and a pink one. White is always good to pair with your other candle while manifesting because it helps add to the purity and spirituality of the ambiance, it helps you connect to your higher self. I light a pink candle as well because it relates to the things I am looking for- Romance, emotional healing, friendship, nurturing and self-love.)

I sit in the peaceful quiet and I clear my head.

I think about what I WANT to happen. Not what I don’t want, not what I’m scared of. Just the things I want. I play scenarios in my head of my dreams playing out. I think about them as if they have already happened, as if I am reminiscing on a happy memory. You absolutely have to believe that what you are manifesting is possible and very close to being tangible. I have a notebook that I use to write my feelings, my hopes, my dreams and my manifestations. I write my intentions and exactly what I am manifesting. I write it, then I read it out loud, then I hold the book to my chest and close my eyes and really start to dream of a life where these manifestations are coming true, I imagine feeling the way that I expect to feel when these manifestations play out. It feels a little like playing make believe, like a little girl writing in her diary, so have fun with it. It is a serious matter. Setting your intentions and speaking them into existence is very serious, but it’s allowed to feel fun and exciting.

It can also feel a little like you are “playing God”. That is where the line gets really blurry for a lot of people. I struggled with the thought of that for a little while. So here is what I think.

You are expressing your passions, your hopes and your desires. You are dreaming of the life you want. You are demanding success in the areas that you wish for, but as long as you remember that things will happen the way they are meant to, the outcomes you want can be achieved in a multitude of different ways. The feelings you want can be achieved in a multitude of different ways, you are just guiding them in the way that you think is right. You are working with what you know and what you know you want. Your path may differ, the universe may have a different plan for you and you will see that as it plays out. As long as you know that your manifestations are not set in stone, guaranteed ways of achieving the life you want, you will eventually find the feelings you are looking for.

Pay attention to the signs that you are being given. You can manifest anytime, anywhere. If you notice that you are seeing repeating numbers or reoccurring words/phrases more often than usual, think about it. What were you thinking about when you came across them? What were you doing? When you notice it, think about what you want, focus on the outcomes you long for. Anything can be a sign, just acknowledge how it made you feel to help discern what it might mean.

Your thoughts are your manifestations. Your thoughts will carry you through life, whether you believe in manifestation or not. You are with yourself and your thoughts more than anyone else in this world- use them wisely. Make your headspace a place that you want to live in forever.

This is YOUR year. Manifest that sh*t.

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