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List of Movies For A Rainy (or not) Day

You can’t say I’ve never done anything for you guys 😜 ⬇️⬇️⁣

here’s a list of cheesy but good (i’m a sucker for those) movies that are on Netflix 🍿📺:⁣

•How Do You Know⁣

•Failure to Launch⁣

•Feel the Beat⁣

•The F**k-It List⁣


•After (🥰)⁣

•Mr. Right⁣

•The Ugly Truth⁣

•Life as We Know It⁣

•He’s Just Not That Into You⁣

•Leap Year⁣

•Just Friends⁣

•She’s Out of My League⁣

•Wild Child⁣

•Tall Girl⁣

•Falling Inn Love⁣

•Kiss n Tell⁣

•To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (i like this one better than the first!!)⁣

Tell me your favorites!!⁣


living in this set from Hazel and Olive !🍬 ⁣

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