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Know Your Self-Care

I see self-care in the little things. For example, when I wake up and notice the way the sun is shining through my window, and I take even just a second to acknowledge and appreciate it. Or retreating to my own space to feel my feelings. Making time for myself is so important to me.

Here's what some friends on Instagram had to say about self care!

• Face masks, yummy oils and lotions, yoga, BATHS! And definitely spending time outside in the sun... preferably beach!

• Cooking and relaxing at the end of the day is a big one for me

• Getting into bed with clean sheets and shaved legs 👏🏻

• Taking my make up off at the end of the day...best feeling ever 🙌🏻

• Bubble baths & wine night!!

• Self care to me is doing a pamper night and binge watching a show!

• Self care is SO important to me! I try to get to bed early to make sure I’m refreshed and rested for my day!

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