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How I’m Using The LadyBossBlogger Course To Grow My Instagram And Brand Relations

A few weeks ago I posted a little bit about my experience with starting the course “How To Make Money as an Influencer”

A LOT has happened since then! 

Here, in my city, we opened back up with some restrictions and within a week or two we were completely shut down again due to the spread of Coronavirus. 

I have had a lot going on in my personal life but I am taking time to relax and to continue my learning of different topics. So this course really came to me at the perfect time. 

With all of this quarantining and staying home, I have learned that I love working from home. I feel so much freedom to work hard on my own timeline and have fun in between! 

So, making money as an influencer is my dream. I would love to earn enough money in this industry to do it full time. And is there a more perfect time to pursue this? Now is our time to shine!!

Check out my last blog post to read more about the specific parts of the course that I loved and learned the most! 

Looking Back at the Course 

There are many, many pros of this course- but I would not be me if I didn’t disclose the few cons that I found.

A lot of the information that I learned in this course I was previously able to find with my own hard work and research. 

The information is out there. But, having it all in one space and in a course form makes it extremely easy to access and find, which is very beneficial to quick learning and note taking. 

I also found that some of the information in this course is geared to a certain style of posting. This can be a con because everyone is different. What works for one person, might not feel natural or genuine to another person. But, it has been shown to be very successful for those who use the techniques shared. 

The course gives examples of how to take eye-catching pictures and how to have engaging captions- I personally believe that this isn’t something that is going to look the same for everyone! 

These are a few examples of where I believe you have to go beyond what the course says and find your own style and audience preferences. 

What I Learned From the Course

Through this course I have learned how to price myself correctly when reaching out to brands and I have completely redone my media kit based on the tips in this course! 

Since doing this, I have already received a great brand deal with @hazelandolive_!

I have also learned how to do my taxes as an Influencer, which is extremely important! I am still in my “growth” stages, which, to me, means that I am taking the tips I learned to grow my audience and build brand relations before I am able to become a full time influencer. 

The course “How to Make Money as an Influencer” by LadyBossBlogger has been an organized way for me to keep track of all of the important knowledge to becoming a full time influencer. 

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