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Hair Routine: Why I Look Forward to Hair Washing Days

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

My hair has always been the longest part of my weekly routine. Seriously, it's taken me up to two hours. After washing, I would spend almost an hour blow-drying and then almost just as long straightening my hair, pin straight... only for it to frizz up the second I walked outside! That was my routine for about 7 years!

But I have finally found a routine that has helped my hair regain health and has cut down style time by almost 80%! I want to start by saying that everyone's hair is different and what works for one person, might not work for another- that took a long time for me to learn.

The change really started when I found a brand called Function of Beauty. I am a SUCKER for personalized things, I don't know why, but taking a quiz and being told what I am or need is so fun for me! So I thought this was going to be another one of those times of wasted money on something silly. But, let. me. tell. you. This product has changed my life and I recommend it for EVERYONE. Yes, I know I just said that not everyones hair is going to need the same thing... but that's what's great about Function of Beauty!

You start by taking a quiz that determines what type of hair you have and what your hair goals are. From there you even get to pick the color and scent that you want (you already know I LOVED this part)! So my shampoo and conditioner is designed for thick, curly hair. My goals are to strengthen, lengthen, deep condition, anti-frizz, and hydrate. The scent I chose is Eucalyptus and the color is pink, of course. From there, the hair scientists over at Function of Beauty create the perfect shampoo and conditioner for you.

I really wasn't expecting to love this product as much as I do, but it has completely transformed my hair from crazy and easily damaged to smooth and easy to manage! I have a subscription for fresh bottles every 6 months and it is well worth the money. This month I even added on the optional personalized hair serum!

The product that you use is extremely important. But, so are the tools.

My hair over the past 2 years has grown so much, gotten significantly healthier and all around prettier but last month I started to realize that the ends were starting to look dry and damaged. Granted, it was definitely time for a haircut, but it was still surprising to me because they hadn't looked that bad in a long time. After discussing all of the potential issues with my wonderful hairdresser (@ardyyypaige on instagram, if you're in my area she is amazing), we decided I needed to try new tools and heat protectant.

I immediately went out and bought the Revlon Pro Collection Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer (as I will refer to as "hair dryer brush") , which at first I was very skeptical about because I had assumed the kind of heat would not be good for me. BUT I NOW SWEAR BY IT! It has cut my styling time by almost 100% and I am not exaggerating (well, not that much).

Fresh out of the shower:

•I wring the water from my hair as much as I can- by squeezing, NOT by pulling. To avoid breakage, I grab my hair into a low ponytail and squeeze from the base, loosely slide my hand down to right under where I just squeezed & repeat until I've reach the end of my ponytail and begin again until I feel like I have gotten as much water out.

•Then continue to towel dry.

Products I use:

• I use Kenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray, I spritz this in my hair from ends to roots and comb through my hair to evenly disperse the product.

•Next, I use 2-3 pumps of my Function of Beauty hair serum and apply that to my ends, and then work the excess up to my roots.

•Lastly, I do the same with It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product.

I understand that a lot of people will say not to put the product in your roots, but for me and my hair it works best when I apply it everywhere, due to my thick, dry hair.

Drying my hair:

•I throw my hair in a towel to dry a little more. After about 10 minutes, I will take the towel off and continue to let it air dry.

•When my hair is no longer soaking wet and only a little damp, I will take my regular blowdryer and lightly dry my roots and run my fingers through as I dry for about 3 minutes, just to get my hair ready for the blow dry brush (if you have thinner hair, this step may not be necessary).

•And then, the blow drying brush is as easy as it sounds! Turn on the dryer and start brushing! I usually do mine in about 4 layers, but it has brought my blow drying time from 60 minutes to about 15! That's it!

•Pro tip: If you use the blow dryer on your roots by starting under the hair sections and rolling up, you will achieve the perfect about of volume!

And the very best part, I don't even have to touch a flatiron for a majority of the time. NEVER thought I'd get to say that! Getting straight, smooth, full hair just by blowdrying?! I can't tell you how many time I would blow dry and straighten my hair before bed and wake up with damp and kinked hair from not realizing it wasn't fully dry- never again.

I usually wash my hair every 4 days or so in-between washes I can restyle with the blow-dry brush, or I can touch it up with my flatiron or curling iron.

It took me years to find the perfect routine for me and it was a frustrating journey. I am finally happy with my hair and can easily fit it into my busy schedule. I hope this helps and leads you to hair that is FUN to deal with, and not something you dread doing.

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