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A game that has turned into a lifestyle

In 2018 I was blessed enough to become best friends with a woman who has changed my life. To explain to you why this friendship is so special, I am going to share one of the lifestyle changes that she has brought into my life. A ‘game’ that we live by:

Often times in this culture, society, media influenced community, whatever you choose to call this lifestyle that is nailed into our heads since childhood, we are taught to tear others down. It is normal to feel jealousy, to have judgmental thoughts, to compare people, to gossip, the list could go on forever. All of these are negative qualities that our generation has become so accustomed to, it's almost second nature. How often do you catch yourself or a person you are close to making an absolutely unnecessary, negative comment about another human, who is probably minding their own. This is something that has always bothered me. I have always been one to stick up for strangers when a negative or degrading comment is made. But, I am not claiming to have never had thoughts of these sorts, I am no stranger unnecessary comments. How would that even be possible in a society like ours? But, that does not mean that we do not have the means to change this. I learned that from the friend I spoke of earlier.

“Three ups.” - This is a game that she created. It has become a lifestyle to myself and a few others around us, hopefully it will spread to more through ourselves and you as well.

If one of us ever says “Three ups”, that means we have just heard someone around us have some kind of negative input and we expect that person to state three compliments to the subject of their insult. But, the trick is that the compliments are supposed to be mostly based on things that are not superficial. Of course, exceptions can be made per circumstance, but all together it is meant to hype up some positivity surrounding other negative thoughts. We do this to reverse the mindset installed in us, to keep a light shining on the positivity, and in hopes to leave the superficial, negative thoughts behind us.

So like I said before, how lucky am I to have a person who brings that kind of insightfulness and light into my life. I hope that this stays with some of you because it changes a way of thinking that we were taught as children and opens the mind to so many more beautiful thoughts. The words “three ups”, have become so natural in my vocabulary, whether it is being said to another person or just as a reminder to myself. It has made me more confident in my rebellion against the negativity that society has taught us. We have the power to change thought processes and the way we treat one another. I hope that you all take this with you and that you all find a person and be a person that inspires positivity and change.

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