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22 things to say to the love of your life

22 reason why I love you:

  • You bring something to my life that I can’t even fully recognize because it is something I’ve never experienced before. But it is something incredible and bright that I never want to live without again.

  • From the first time I met you, your smile has always been a sense of comfort to me. It's welcoming and warm and came into my life at the exact moment I needed it.

  • I automatically felt so comfortable with you, and still always do to this day- you immediately brought out a side of me that normally takes a lot of warming up to actually see.

  • You have the kindest and most pure heart of anyone I know- I admire you for it, whether you see it or not- the way you care about people is so deep and so unique and it is unforgettable.

  • You are a life changer- you leave an imprint on people without even knowing and you radiate goodness in a way that impacts both the people you meet for 10 seconds and the people you will know forever.

  • Your drive and your motivation is inspiring and amazing to watch in action. You know exactly what you want and you always find a way to get there, no matter how short or long the road to get there is. You make me proud.

  • You’re kind of funny sometimes. Okay you’re pretty damn funny. You make me laugh even on days when I feel like I might never laugh again. I am eternally grateful for that especially.

  • You make me giggle and my heart flutter like I am a middle school girl again and that’s actually a feeling that I never thought I had missed until you reminded me of it again.

  • My mom has always told me that I need a man that encourages and shares my silliness and my sense of adventure over everything else and from the very beginning that is what you’ve done. I never expected a friendship and a relationship to feel so refreshing all of the time.

  • You see things you want to work on and you actually do it- whether it’s in regards to us, or me, or yourself- you do it. You recognize your own “flaws” and you do your best to make the best of it or make it better. That is something that very rarely people are able to recognize in themselves and I thank you for it and I look up to you for it.

  • I love that you have a story about practically everything. I’m not always much of a talker (you may disagree because you bring out the best in me and the annoying in me) so I love being able to listen to your crazy and funny stories.

  • I adore your family. I was nervous to meet them all the first time but even then I knew I didn’t have to worry about if I would like them because I knew that I would immediately feel a sense of love and respect for them simply because they raised my favorite human being- and I was right.

  • My family loves you. I have always been weird and nervous about boys around my family because I care a lot about what my family thinks. Seeing how much they love you and love you FOR me is so heart warming.

  • You’re a great listener. Even when I can’t make sense of my thoughts or I feel shy, you know how to encourage it out of me and make me feel comfortable enough to share.

  • You make me feel incredibly safe. Emotionally and physically. Which is something I have not felt for a male figure besides my dad and my two grandfathers in a very long time. You have brought me back to myself and you continue to make me feel protected and looked after. I love you a lot for that.

  • I’ve never seen myself in the cheesy situation of falling in love with my best friend unexpectedly- but its even better than it seems in the movies. like its- wow.

  • Your voice. It’s reassuring, it’s comforting, it’s sexy, it’s my favorite sound.

  • You are the most handsome man, inside and out, that I have ever met. Your physical being makes my heart flutter, and your heart and your mind bring me back down to earth no matter where my head is at, because you are the most genuine soul I know.

  • You have opened my eyes to a lot of things. You continue to show me new things and introduce me to things I would have never known. I love learning from you, whether it’s about food, culture, people, places, etc.

  • Even if we disagree sometimes, I know that in the end you will always have my back when I need you to. I am confident in that and I’m always reminded of it.

  • Being with you is the most incredible feeling, it’s heavenly. I feel like we are the only two people on earth and its the only thing I want for the rest of my life.

  • Every time I look at you, I see my whole future in front of me. Every step I take, I want you by my side and it’s easy to imagine with a love like this.

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